I still remember the first song I wrote: I did it on a small Yamaha keyboard with preset drums and marimba sounding piano parts. It was not that good. But it started me thinking about how songs are put together. As well, that brought me to learn various instruments, as each one brought to the music something different. I love how a song written on guitar can sound different than a song written on piano - though they can be interchanged, each instrument brings a different dynamic. Sounds themselves can invoke whole compositions. How about a song written solely on drums? Or on bass? Each one has its own place. 

For me, I play all the instruments you hear on these albums, with some special guest musicians that come over to the "studio" and put their two bits in. In fact, I have even collaborated overseas with a fantastic violin player (the internet creates such potential for collaboration). I play with local bands (love to play live), Sunday morning services, and also teach music at my school. 

My styles vary, but I love to take an idea and spread it over various songs. My Songs From The Hammock albums are all about hanging out at the cabin and enjoying our time there. The album "O" is a space epic, Storm in a Blue Sky is about hiding one's true self from others, etc. This is my fun from work.

Ok, more about me: I am an educator (Principal and CEO of an Independent school (company) in the Interior of BC), married with five children, a computer tech (previous), a Telecommunication Technician (I have the certificate), B. Arts (English major) and an M. Ed. 

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This is me. 

Guest Musicians:

Jeremy Kneeshaw

Bass Guitar and Piano on Linde's Inflation

Lauren Emary

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