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The follow up project to "O" is available on Spotify, ITunes, and all other major streaming sites. The lead track "The Abnegation Station" was released June 1, 2021. The single "The Abnegations Station (Off The End) was released May 1, 2021 on Youtube, streaming sties, and this site! The Abnegation Nation consists of nine songs that revolve around a single theme: the world as we have learned to know it through the past two years! Presidents, conspiracy theories, pandemics, racism, etc. Oh, what fun! 

There are two music videos below from the album, The Abnegation Station (Off The End) and Xenophobes.

Let me know your thoughts (, download the album, play away!

Previous Work


Released in 2020, this album shows Sandro's love of the progressive rock genre. In his own words: "This genre of music goes back to my childhood and my first listen to a Canadian icon: RUSH. My heart still cannot comprehend a world without Neal Peart, but his legacy (and the rest of the band) is alive in many of us nerdy rock musicians. From there came YES, then the heavier rock and metal scene (Iron Maiden, Judas Priest), and then more modern sounds such as Porcupine Tree, Dream Theater, Neal Morse, and so many others. Music can be a trip, and being free to write in my own little studio and come up with music that pays homage to these bands is one of my joys. "

Music Videos