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Sandro Cuzzetto

Welcome to my site! Below you will find the most recent information regarding news, events, and upcoming shows I am a part of. Feel free to drop me a line anytime and come say "Hi" if you are at an event. I hope to see you soon.

A photo of the band Paisley Groove

June 21st at Rockin' Firken

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Previous Solo Work

All works below available on all streaming sites

2020 - O

Album Cover for 2020 Release called "O"

A Space Opera

Can love, quantum theory, and space, all come together musically? Yes, it can, on the first release from Sandro Cuzzetto. This project is a cohesive look at the connectedness of all things, and tells the story of a space explorer who is tied to their partner back on Earth. Special thanks to Jeremy Kneeshaw for the great bass work on "Linde's Inflation".

2021 - The Abnegation Station

Album Cover for 2021 Release called "The Abnegation Station"

It's ALL A Conspiracy?

Well, not really, but it is a look at what can happen without critical thinking. This project looks at concepts such as the growing acceptance of conspiracy theories, of fighting and war, of mental illness, and cultural intolerance. Special thanks to Julie Sanchez from Prog Rock Radio for the album introduction.

2022 - A Sign Of The Times

What's The World Coming To?

This EP (4 song) project is really a transition piece; then again, aren't all albums simply steps between one album and the next? On one hand, it is a continuation from the 2021 release, with songs about similar themes, including a look at love, civility, and hope. The project ends with the instrumental song "Time" that then becomes a precursor to the 2023 project Sonic Atmosphere.

Album Cover for 2022 Release "A Sign Of The Times"
Cover art of album Sonic Atmosphere

Latest Works

For more music NOT found on main streaming sites, check out Sandro's Soundcloud page, as well as listen to his latest release, "Sonic Atmosphere", now on streaming on all streaming sites, or click the MUSIC tab on the main menu.

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