"Simple words and little looks, 
They warm my heart from what was took.

But I still wish that you

Were here with me.

Hey, I'm drifting.

This video (and a shout out needs to go to ROTO Video for working with me on this) is about that feeling of being "adrift" and on your own, separated from the one you love. This reflects the story line of the the entire album, which is about two characters who find themselves separated, one seems to be at home on Earth while the other is in deep space somewhere. However, there seems to be something else: they seemed "tied" together, even though they are apart. Entangled in some way (more about this in later songs - so you will have to just listen to the whole thing to figure out how this plays out :). 

In many ways, this is the overarching story of the entire album: a (very) long distance relationship. Emotions, feelings, thoughts - they all seem to go up and down, adrift in space.

Enjoy the trip!



Progressive Rock Space Opera

My love of this genre of music goes back to my childhood and my first listen to a Canadian icon: RUSH. My heart still cannot comprehend a world without Neal Peart, but his legacy (and the rest of the band) is alive in many of us nerdy rock musicians. From there came YES, then the heavier rock and metal scene (Iron Maiden, Judas Priest), and then more modern sounds such as Porcupine Tree, Dream Theater, Neal Morse, and so many others. Music can be a trip, and being free to write in my own little studio and come up with music that pays homage to these bands is one of my joys. 

So, the Mission of this album is to take a trip and explore. Join me if this is your thing.



Three in One

The question, of course, is what three into what one? This album has a lot of layers in it for me, and I have enjoyed writing it. First, there is love; on the surface it seems to be about two people, but there are metaphors and imagery that suggest that it may be between more than people. Then there is the separation: when we are apart from that which we love, it can seem like the distance is infinite. Finally, there is the connection, the entanglement, between the two - distance and time cannot stop them from being together.

All of these are in here. Is it a love story? Is it a theological concept? Is it quantum mechanics? Or, is it all three together? As one.

Guest Musicians:

Jeremy Kneeshaw

Bass Guitar and Piano on Linde's Inflation

Lauren Emary

Background Vocals on

CONTACT: ttboadd@gmail.com


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